Meet the OFN Flower Farms!

Written by Linda Yan | June 12th, 2021

Summertime is coming around– and so is the urge to buy a huge bouquet for everyone you love! Lots of the small farmers you’ll find in the Open Food Network grow flowers for their beauty and to support the biodiversity of their farm ecosystem. We are delighted to offer these farmers and you a software platform that plays a little part in making our world more connected. Here is a round-up of a few of OFNUSA’s amazing flower growers.

East Jordan, Michigan

“We are Patrick and Kelly at Daybreak Dreamfarm. All of our plants available for sale have been grown on our farm from seed, using Morgan Compost’s Organic Dairy Doo 101 & compost.  You can have faith that all these veggies were grown with a lot of love and care!”

Flowers: marigold, nasturtium, viola

Started Using OFN In: March 2020


Bellaire, Michigan

“This is a co-operative of small family farms, market gardens, and kitchens that have come together to streamline your local food ordering needs. One platform, one transaction, one pickup, multiple producers!”

Flowers: bee balm, calibrachoa, feverfew, lavender, lobelia, marigold, nasturtium, pansy, petunia, zinnia, viola

Started Using OFN In: May 2020


Rochester, Vermont

“At 1100 feet and 43.8746 latitude we have a shorter growing season than many, but we make up for that in the number of rocks we have! (Rocks hold the heat, right?) We are not NOFA organic certified, but we don’t use anything but organic methods, from seed to fruit. We grow sustainably as we can, with respect for the land, putting back as much as we take. We employ season extenders such as low tunnels and our high tunnels to keep something growing year-round, and strive to have the earliest and best looking vegetables for the local market.”

Flowers: marigold, impatiens, echinacea purpurea


Started Using OFN In: March 2020

Edinburg, Texas

“The Hub of Prosperity is a 5-acre research and education farm located at the Edinburg First United Methodist Church. Currently managed by the UTRGV Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Advancement and the the UTRGV Agroecology Program, the Hub aims to be a regional model of a local, sustainable food system that encourages civic engagement and develops scientific capacity around food and agriculture while improving food self-reliance for the University and the local area community. Your purchases support this work and the financial sustainability of this effort.”

Flowers: Sunflowers

Started Using OFN In:  March 2020


The Gardensmith

Milwaukie, Oregon

“We are a small market garden, growing hand tended vegetables, fruits, and herbs for our community in Clackamas County, Oregon.  In addition to fresh produce, we have a selection of preserves made from fruits, herbs, and vegetables grown in our home garden.”

Flowers: Home Garden Planning Services

Started Using OFN In: March 2020