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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about the pricing, setup and management of the shops.

Highlights of the Shop Features

Producers, CSAs, Makers, Artisans

  • map-able, searchable profile
  • unlimited products and catalogues
  • multiple pricing structures
  • your own stores
  • sell through any number of other hubs, stores etc. on the network
  • inventory managed in one place
  • import products via an excel file
  • full suite of management tools
  • all payment method options
  • extensive reporting
  • manage CSA subscriptions
  • standing orders
  • export customer lists

Hubs, Stores, Co-ops & Buying Clubs

  • map-able, searchable profile
  • find suppliers
  • directory listing and map
  • unlimited products and catalogues
  • multiple pricing structures
  • retail and/or wholesale
  • membership tracking
  • members-only shops
  • real time inventory management
  • ‘bulk buy’ feature
  • full suite of management tools
  • extensive reporting
  • all payment method options
  • standing orders

Farmers’ Markets

  • map-able, searchable profile
  • pay only for months you are open
  • no additional fees for vendors
  • unlimited vendors
  • 2 different setups:
    • mirror your face-to-face market
    • multi-vendor store
  • inventory managed by vendors
  • full suite of management tools
  • extensive reporting
  • all payment options
  • standing orders
  • automated ‘pick & pack’ sheets
  • export customer lists
If you are setting up a Farmers’ Market online shop, you can find more information here.

General Questions

How often is the platform updated? Will there be a downtime?
Updates are done weekly without downtime.
What does your 24/7 support include?
We have a 24/7 support for our servers and system to make sure our servers are all working as they should.

The front-end support by email  is 7 days per week from 8am – 5pm – but we can be available by appointment outside that window.  Plus,  we do live ‘drop in’ webinars every Monday at 10:00 am and noon EDT.

Can I switch between packages?

Yes, you can switch from one package to another. For example you start off with just a profile, and the switch to a producer with a shop front, and then to a producer hub if you decide to sell other producer’s items. 

Do you have integration with accounting software?

Integrations with accounting packages are available on request.  Email us at to discuss your needs.

What other software do you integrate with?

We can integrate with multiple other software programs.  Typical integrations are with Mailchimp  and route planning software. If you are looking for these or other integrations to be automated,  email  with your request and we’ll see if we can help.

Do you have a directory of everyone on the network?
Yes, there is a searchable directory with a map listing vendors, producers, farmers, markets, hubs and buying clubs. However,  this only includes enterprises who have chosen to be ‘visible’.  As a user,  you have the option to be included or not included in these lists and on the map.

User Guide

Take a look at our User Guide for comprehensive how-tos, tips and tricks.

Community Forum

Try asking a question to other users on the Community Forum.

Contact Us

If you’re still unable to find an answer to your question, please send us an email.

Shop Front-end Questions

Can customers see their order history?
Yes, customers can see all their orders they have placed with your store. They ‘login’ and look at their ‘account’.
How does the bulk-buying option work?
Provides a way to help members of a buying club meet minimum case sizes.  Check User Guide for more details.
How does mirroring face-to-face market work?
Individual market vendors have their own ‘store’ just like a farmers’ market booth. They take payment from customers directly.  We put all the vendors into a virtual market and set up a searchable display for products in that market.
How does a store with multiple vendors work?
One stop shopping for customers.  Multiple market vendors are suppliers in one storefront.  Customer orders once,  orders go to the individual vendors automatically.  The vendors receive their payment from the market.

Shop Back-end Questions

What shop management tools are available?
Administrators have access to order management, automatic invoicing, vendor and customer management. For more information check User Guide.
How is the vendor inventory managed across different stores?
There are multiple ways to manage your stock list or inventory.  Basically,  as a vendor/supplier,  you give permission to the hub/store/market  who is re-selling your products.  The stock on hand can be a ‘shared pool’  and counted down in one place across multiple stores,   or it can be an allocated pool and counted down separately by store.
What is included in customer management?
Each customer has its own account with order history, invoice and payment tracking.  Check User Guide for more information.

Customer lists can be exporting for newsletters and promotions. See Q&A on Reports.

What tools are provided for order management?
Remove or add items to an order, issue adjustments (ie: waive fees…), create order manually. For more information check User Guide.

Supplier accounts,  customer orders,  invoices all auto-calculate with these changes.

How do you manage all vendors connected to the shop?
Find suppliers on the network

Review the products and availability

Connect to the supplier to stock their products 

Connect to unlimited number of vendors at no extra charge

What kind of reports are available?

The following pre-defined reports are available: pick lists, payments, pack lists, customer lists. For a full list check User Guide.

For custom reports, email  with your request. 

What formats can I download the reports in?
You can download all the reports in a CSV (Excel) file. This format is easily manipulated and imported into other applications. More on Reports check User Guide.

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